I hope OpenAI will be ok with me saying this here but: Bard

So no self respecting scientist would ever avoid looking at other AIs, and of course you got googles AI, which on the front end they for whatever reason call “bard” i will never get it, and if you think its an acronym, its quite forced.

anyways… So with gemini its gotten hella smart.
GPT-4 smart.

in fact, after messing about heres my assessment in a quotable statement:

There are only three differences between bard and gpt-4; is Bard is a faster, Bard will just write code and not tell you how to write it, and bard hasn’t hit me with a messaging limit yet… tho ill be honest, i havent actually looked what that limit might be.

That said, there is a big downside…
Every now and then, without proper prompt engineering… It will suddenly forget a conversation; but also with that caveat… you can feed the entire conversation back to it, and it will catch up.

Im personally glad to see some honest competition.
Competition is good for everyone.