I have not received a response regarding my GPT-4 API application for two months

I have made multiple applications for the GPT-4 API from March 28th to May 16th, but I have not received approval for the API access. I kindly request that my application be considered and approved.

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This is the community forum for developers, if you need support from OpenAI you should contact them directly at:

Approving, considering or declining your access request is not something we are able to do.

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@nihaobt I have an alternative solution for you. Connect with me on discord. here’s my username - vk7564

Is credit card binding and subscription payment required?

Using openAI’s services, including the GPT-4 api, are payed services, meaning that it requires you to bind your credit card.

OpenAI does give you a small amount of credits that will expire after a period, you will have to pay for the service if you intended to keep using it at that point.

Keep in mind that chatGPT plus and API access are two different products, purchasing one does not grant you access to the other. When you subscribe for API access, OpenAI will add a pending charge to your credit card, the $5 pending charge you see after updating your API payment method is a temporary authorization hold on your credit card, you will only be charged according to your usage.

I hope that helps :heart:

Can I understand it this way: Binding my credit card can increase the chances of a successful review for applying GPT-4?

Yes, although I can’t confirm that assumption, I can tell you that I received access to the API a few days after adding my credit card information :laughing:

Are you applying as an individual or on behalf of a company?

I applied as an individual, I have no commercial interests :laughing:

If you’re representing a company, you can add your tax information while signing up, this shouldn’t give any benefits in terms of access, but will be helpful in relation to how much tax you’ll have to pay.

Since I applied in April, do I need to submit another application after linking my credit card?"

No that shouldn’t be necessary :laughing:

I see the light now. I applied on April 13th. I now have a credit card.

There was a news article that GPT’s user count dropped 10% from May to June. It went on to say that GPT has too many restrictions so people have started going elsewhere. If enough people will go use other services maybe OpenAI will realize the longer they wait to give people the API they will loose customers and we will get the API will get it faster.

As history dictates it is rarely the early market leader that wins in the long run. Silicon Valley is littered with the carcasses of these dead companies. I have worked at a couple of these early market leaders in and they are blinded by their own arrogance. This arrogance leads to terrible execution & customer satisfaction. Customers go elsewhere whenever possible when other choices can meet the basic needs.

Welcome to the developer forums!

Not sure how media gossip is relevant here, but in answer to your statement, the tech market always faces a summer downturn in user growth as people go on summer holidays, the fact it was only 10% is impressive.

The information was sourced from two different website tracking firms, so it is not “media gossip”.

How is it relevant? Less users equals less demand, less demand equals more excess capacity…

Do I need to continue to more people get the API???

Do you pre-pay for API tokens, or do they bill you after the fact?

If the latter, can we switch to prepaying? I have paranoia of something going wrong and using up too many tokens and going into debt. I would rather be limited by prepaid amounts.

They bill you afterwards, there’s currently no option to pre-pay for api usage.

You do have the option of setting your own usage limit here

That’s not what the article said at all.

  • Number of unique users dropped 5.7%.
  • Total traffic drop was 9.7%
  • Time on site dropped 8.5%

Maybe we think for a moment what typically happens between May and June? School ending for the year springs to mind for me.

Regardless, there is a conversation to be had here if one wants to have it, but it shouldn’t include making up facts which are not in evidence.

My fault, I used users instead of traffic. Just so everything is factual, I was also .3% off.

As far as everything drops in May/June, look at Facebook’s user count. Not dropping.

There are new companies emerging every day in this space and there is bound to be some bleed.

The more important point was the article never makes any claims that

That appears to be something completely fabricated by you.