I expected the PRO version to run faster than the FREE version, but it is the exact opposite

Seems that the FREE version GPT 3,5 is much faster then GPT-4 PRO. Much faster !

I don’t understand the logic. That is, I pay for better, faster services, and when there it is just the opposite. The same task that I give to GPT-3,5 FREE is done by GPT-4 PRO but very, very slowly.

How come? For the same java code, I have to wait almost 2 minutes in GPT-4, even if GPT-3.5 does it in 15 seconds.

the only good thing that has improved in recent months is the fact that ChatGPT processes increasingly large codes.

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See: What is the ChatGPT Plus model selector?

ChatGPT Plus gives you access to the GPT4 model, custom GPTs, and other features.

My understanding is that one should use the GPT 3 model if the model works as needed but use the GPT 4 model when the GPT 3 model does not work and to learn how to craft a better prompt that can then be used by the GPT 3 model to get a faster result.

While it may be implied from reading others interpretations of what ChatGPT Plus is, the actual information is provided by OpenAI in the documentation.

See: ChatGPT

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In addition to @EricGT 's correct observations I believe half the planet is on holidays right now and many of us are playing around with ChatGPT. I expect things to return to normal within a few days, at least.

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ChatGPT-4 is much more powerful and capable then 3.5, 3.5 will barely understand context, be very cookie cutter and generate generic fairly dumb worthless texts only good for short conversations or something like a social media post.

GPT-4 is much more able, has various code abilities GPT-3.5 does not have and image generation.

GPT-4 can generate compendiums and keep track of multi sequential multi generation articles with vastly more detail.

GPT-4 is far from perfect, but using 3.5 I would only do for questions, or stuff like data generation and lists

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Is there and prompt that can speed up GPT-4?

Yes, GPT-4 is fac much better, have plugins and explorer. Super. But is very slow compare to GPT-3.

I am a freelancer. I have to make codes in Python or C++ to clients. I have to think what the code has to do, then I use ChatGPT. But I have to give each customer the codes quickly, because there are other customers which are waiting.

Of course, I myself have to fix the mistakes that ChatGPT still can’t solve. The problem is that I can’t give him small pieces of code, because I noticed that ChatGPT always forgets what I asked him in the same chat, 10 minutes earlier.

So I have to put again the entire code, that can be half a page long. But in order to solve the problem and display all my code again, I have to wait 3-4-5 minutes. Most of the time the connection is lost, and ChaTGPT didn’t generate the entire newest version of the code. So, again, I have to press regenerate…

And if the code version is not good, I have to modify it a little and give it back. But sometimes I have to do the head-to-tail code myself, because it’s very difficult to wait.

It’s like when I scan a book with an iPhone. It is much faster and better than if I scanned with a 10,000 Euro professional scanner that does everything flawlessly, but it takes 3 times longer to scan.

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Essentially, that’s the nature of language models.
Models with a larger number of parameters can handle more complex tasks and process longer context lengths, but the computational load increases proportionally to the square of the context length.

GPT-3.5 is available for both free and Plus users and is a model from the previous generation.
GPT-4, which is only available to Plus users (or pay-as-you-go API users), can perform better logical reasoning than GPT-3.5.

In other words, Plus users can choose between the faster but less accurate GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. However, if the supply cannot keep up with user demand, there may be a slowdown in speed. Whether the cost is justified or not should be considered in light of the above points.

Additionally, programmers might want to consider products like GitHub Copilot or similar offerings.

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