I did not generate that question

Today I noticed that, the last question was not asked by me. My account is secured and I am sure that was not asked by people around me, who has access to my phone.

Has anybody encountered with the same problem?

I do know that that looks like one of the suggested prompts that show up. Maybe it was an accident, or you possibly left your browser unattended and a cat walked on the keyboard and selected the suggested prompt?

I have never encountered with or offered a “suggested prompt”. Question looks very humanistic: three sentences about the same topic. It can’t be random keypress or voice recognition.

My guess is somehow the ID of this question has been mismatched with my account.

We’ve got an interesting mystery here, it seems @drelm

That exact phrase from the prompt has existed elsewhere before. Check out these two URLs and you’ll find the exact phrase used in each, INCLUDING the part about the clutter, word-for-word: