I created an assistant to play RPGs with you!

I’ve been training an AI assistant using Chat GPT API. Pretty proud of the results. It references rules created by me (Katanas and Kimonos, based on Lasers and Feelings by John Harper) and uses the process to follow the thread of the introductory adventure.

As of right now the assistant guides you through character creation, then plays through Flight From Castle Matsuoka with you.

As a point of reference, Katanas and Kimonos is one of my more popular books. It’s been out for two years, and I love writing new things for it. The idea is to provide the same feeling that you get from the tabletop while also streamlining things.

I’d like to be able to share a link to my chat log, but I can’t do that. So instead I guess I’ll see if I can fit the whole thing below:

Katanas and Kimonos GM Bot V0.001

Greetings, noble wanderer. Welcome to the realm of “Katanas and Kimonos.” Are you ready to forge the destiny of your hero and redeem the honor of the fallen Clan Matsuoka? Let us begin by shaping your character, the last surviving retainer of a samurai clan wrongfully destroyed by treacherous foes. Your journey shall be one of cunning, strength, and perseverance.

Step 1: Create Player Character

A. Choose a Path for your Hero character. Select one:

  • Artisan (skilled in performance and creation)
  • Ascetic (skilled in knowledge and martial arts)
  • Bushi (skilled in combat and protection)
  • Ninja (skilled in deception and commando tactics)
  • Official (skilled in politics and warfare)
  • Yakuza (skilled in criminal activity and commerce)

What is your chosen Path?



Katanas and Kimonos GM Bot V0.001

As a Bushi, you have devoted your life to the art of combat and the protection of others. You are a steadfast warrior, honed through countless hours of rigorous training, prepared to lay down your life for your clan and your honor.

B. Choose a Training for your Bushi character. This represents your proficiency with specific weapons or fighting styles. Select one:

  • Covert Weapons (fans, pipes, staves, kama)
  • Heavy Weapons (kanabo, ono, dai-tsuchi, manriki-kusari)
  • Non-Lethal Weapons (jitte, sasumata, tonfa)
  • Spears (naginata, magari-yari, yari)
  • Swords (katanas, wakizashi, nagamaki, no-dachi)
  • Unarmed Combat

Which weapon or fighting style do you master?



Katanas and Kimonos GM Bot V0.001

An excellent choice. With your mastery in Swords, you wield the legendary katanas and their brethren with skill and precision. The blade is an extension of your will, capable of delivering swift justice to those who dare oppose you.

C. Please choose your Hero character’s Number, which ranges from 2 to 5. This number represents your hero’s proficiency:

  • A higher Number (closer to 5) means you are more proficient in making “Katanas Rolls” for combat and aggressive actions.
  • A lower Number (closer to 2) means you are more proficient in making “Kimonos Rolls” for social interactions, logical thought, or graceful actions.

What shall your Number be?



Katanas and Kimonos GM Bot V0.001

Armed with a Number of 4, your Bushi is particularly adept at employing Katanas strategies – the path of the warrior, focusing on combat prowess and assertive tactics. You are a formidable force on the battlefield, combining the discipline of the Bushi path with the deadly elegance of the sword.

D. Now, please select a name for your Hero character. Remember to choose a Japanese name that resonates with the legacy you wish to build. What will your name be?


Mifube Akira

Katanas and Kimonos GM Bot V0.001

Mifune Akira, a name that carries a sense of strength and determination, it will be sung in tales of bravery and honor. As Mifune Akira, you are the embodiment of the Bushi spirit, ready to redeem the legacy of your lord and restore the dignity of your clan.

E. As Mifune Akira, you carry your trusted sword at all times. Let us confirm your weaponry and possessions:

  • Your primary weapon: A katana, the soul of the samurai, sharp and resolute.
  • Additional possessions: A traditional kimono, a simple straw hat to shield you from sun and rain, and a handful of zeni coins to see you through your travels.

F. Now, it is time to introduce your two trusted companions who will aid you on your quest. They each bring unique skills and qualities to complement your own.

  • Companion: Hattori Shinobu

  • Path: Ninja (skilled in deception and commando tactics)

  • Training: Covert Weapons (a master of the shuriken and blowgun)

  • Number: 3 (adept at both direct confrontations and delicate situations)

  • Carrying: A selection of shuriken and a concealed blowgun, along with a ninja’s garb and a masked mempo which offers both intimidation and disguise.

  • Companion: Kobayashi Ren

  • Path: Official (skilled in politics and warfare)

  • Training: Non-Lethal Weapons (proficient with the authoritative jitte and sasumata)

  • Number: 2 (primarily focused on diplomacy and thoughtful strategy)

  • Carrying: A jitte for subduing without lethal force, formal attire suitable for courtly interactions, a scroll case with important documents, and a fan which doubles as both a cooling instrument and a subtle signal device.

Step 2: Create the Band

A. Mifune Akira, as leader of the survivors of Clan Matsuoka, select two strengths that will aid your band:

  • Grateful Commoners (free lodging within your home province)
  • Faithful Spies (learn rumors about your enemies)
  • Secondary Band (another group you can call upon for muscle)
  • Stronghold (a hidden, ruined fortress to serve as your secret base)
  • Voice in the Courts (allies among officials secure audiences with nobility)
  • Fleet Mounts (horses for faster travel)

Which two strengths will you harness for your cause?


Stronghold and Grateful Commoners

Katanas and Kimonos GM Bot V0.001

Your choices will serve you well. The remains of a once-mighty Stronghold, hidden and fortified amidst nature’s cloak, will be your sanctuary and base of operations. Alongside that, the Grateful Commoners will provide you and your companions with lodging and comfort in your home province, safeguarding you from the prying eyes of your enemies and easing the burdens of travel.

B. However, every band has a weakness that might haunt their steps. Choose one to define the struggle your band faces:

  • Infamous (your notoriety makes it hard to stay concealed)
  • Framed (the Shogun’s enforcers actively pursue you)
  • Rival (a one-time ally now feeds information to Lord Tazaki’s forces)
  • Shadow Warrior (an impostor of Lord Matsuoka claims his seat and deceives many)

Which weakness plagues the survivors of Clan Matsuoka?



Katanas and Kimonos GM Bot V0.001

The treacherous Clan Tazaki, under the guise of allegiance, has not only slain your lord but also unjustly accused you and your band of heinous crimes. The Shogun’s enforcers relentlessly pursue you, believing these false claims. Your struggle for redemption is compounded by the necessity of evading these relentless hunters, yet such tribulations will only temper your resolve like steel in a forge.

We now embark on the “Flight from Castle Matsuoka” adventure.

"CHAOS! Lord Matsuoka lies dead on the floor of his dining hall, slain by his sworn brother, Lord Tazaki. At the same time, enemies killed the guards at the gates and opened the castle up to Tazaki’s forces, who were lying in wait.

You are Matsuoka’s most loyal servants. With his dying breath, the compassionate old warrior gave you a final order, ‘Run. Live.’ It falls on you to lead any survivors in the FLIGHT FROM CASTLE MATSUOKA.

Clan Tazaki’s trap was perfect, and they now control the road stops and nearby towns. You are three days’ travel from safety. You have an encounter each day and each night, then spend what time you can resting."

The sun rises on a day veiled in mist as you and your companions stealthily traverse the hilly pine forests surrounding the remnants of Castle Matsuoka. The scent of pine mingled with the morning dew is as familiar as it is bittersweet.

As you travel, the tranquility of the forest is pierced by a rustling in the bushes ahead. Peering through the foliage, you spot a small group of peasants, hastily conferring among themselves. Although they seem unarmed, their furtive glances and hurried whispers suggest that they might be more than mere farmers. Could they be innocent commoners, or are they loyal to Clan Tazaki, perhaps even spies?

Mifune Akira, how do you wish to approach this situation? Will you draw upon your Katanas or Kimonos to resolve this encounter? Describe your action.


Approach with authority

Katanas and Kimonos GM Bot V0.001

Mifune Akira, the esteemed Bushi, strides forward with an air of authority that can only come from a warrior of your stature. Your katana remains sheathed, but your hand rests on the hilt—a silent signal of both control and readiness. With a firm voice, you call out to the peasants, demanding to know their business in these parts.

Since this is a decisive and commanding action, it suggests you’re relying on your combat and leadership skills—those associated with Katanas. However, you’re not initiating a battle, so we have a blend of the two approaches.

Please tell me, do you intend to use force to secure their cooperation or persuade them with your presence and authoritative command, drawing more upon your Kimonos skills? Describe your intent and actions, and then we will proceed with the roll.


Kimonos, but have Ren help me

Katanas and Kimonos GM Bot V0.001

Mifune Akira steps confidently towards the peasants, with Nobayashi Ren at your side. Although prepared for conflict, your demeanor is one of strength and diplomacy, showing you are not quick to violence without just cause.

As the situation leans more towards negotiation and using Ren’s political acumen, it is indeed a use of Kimonos. You are skilled in this sort of interaction, and with Ren’s assistance, you gain an extra die for your roll.

As you engage the peasants, Ren steps forward, his non-lethal jitte visible but not threatening. His presence bolsters your own, providing a complementary balance of martial might and civil power.

Let us roll the dice to see how the peasants respond. As your Number is 4, you will succeed on a roll of 5 or 6 for a Kimonos action.

Rolling 2D6, as you are prepared and Ren is assisting you…


You rolled a 4 and a 6.

With 1 success, you achieve what you set out to do, but not without complication. The peasants quickly reveal that they are indeed simple commoners. The eldest among them, a wiry man with lines of hardship etched into his face, steps forward and offers a humble bow.

“We meant no harm, samurai-sama,” he explains. “We’ve heard rumors of Matsuoka retainers being hunted and wished to warn any we met. But these are dangerous times, and we must also protect our own.”

The complication arises as you notice something else; while these peasants mean no harm, their discussion has attracted unwanted attention elsewhere. Through the trees, you catch the glint of armor - a patrol of Tazaki’s samurai, drawn by the commotion.

Mifune Akira and Ren, you must now choose whether to engage, hide, or find some other way to avoid this potentially deadly confrontation.



Katanas and Kimonos GM Bot V0.001

As the glint of Tazaki samurai armor becomes apparent through the trees, Mifune Akira’s decision is swift and unyielding. There is no room for hesitation or doubt; engagement is the only option that honors the Bushi code and protects the innocent.

With a nod to Ren and a short command to Hattori Shinobu, you ready yourselves for combat. You draw your katana, the blade singing as it leaves the scabbard, a sound that has spelled doom for many an adversary. Ren grips his jitte with determined resolve, ready to subdue and control, while Shinobu disappears momentarily, utilizing the forest as his ally, his shuriken at the ready.

As the leader and the most skilled warrior, Mifune Akira will confront the encroaching enemy head-on, planning to cut a path through them with expert swordsmanship.

Since this is a direct confrontation, this will be a Katanas action. You are well-prepared and clearly skilled, so let us roll the dice to determine the outcome of your valiant engagement.

Rolling 2D6, as you are both skilled and well-prepared…


You rolled a 3 and a 2.

With 2 successes, your action goes as planned, without unexpected problems. Here’s what happens:

Mifune Akira charges forward, the weight of your resolve as heavy as the blade in your hands. The Tazaki samurai, caught off guard by the ferocity and speed of your assault, barely have time to ready their weapons. Your katana finds its mark time and again, the training of countless hours turning each motion into a graceful yet deadly dance.

Ren’s jitte is equally effective, as he deftly disarms one opponent after another, using their momentum against them. And from the shadows, Shinobu’s shuriken whistled through the air, creating openings for your relentless strikes.

In mere moments, it’s over. The Tazaki samurai lay defeated, some unconscious, others too wounded to continue the fight, as your band stands unscathed. The peasants look on with a mixture of fear and admiration, clearly understanding they are in the presence of true warriors.

Now, you must decide swiftly. Do you press on immediately to avoid more encounters, or take a moment to question the fallen enemies for information? What will your strategy be, Mifune Akira?


Press on

Katanas and Kimonos GM Bot V0.001

Acknowledging the valor and efficacy of your swift victory, you signal to your companions it is time to move forward. The battlefield offers no sanctuary, only a temporary site of your triumph, and it is imperative to leave before more of Clan Tazaki’s forces descend upon you.

Sheathing your katana and without sparing a glance back, you lead Ren and Shinobu deeper into the forest, leaving the dazed and defeated samurai behind. The peasants, who have witnessed your prowess, nod in silent understanding, knowing that your path is one of perseverance and that stopping is a luxury you cannot afford.

As you traverse the hills and the thickets, you maintain a brisk pace, your senses alert for any danger. The forest whispers around you, ancient pines swaying above as silent sentinels, their secrets safe amidst their needles.

As evening approaches, the mist parts, and you find yourself at the edge of a serene grove. The sun’s last rays tinge the skies with hues of purple and orange, a brief but awe-inspiring sight that for a moment allows you to forget the grim reality that follows you.

The grove offers you and your companions shelter, but as night falls, the tranquility of your surroundings is broken by the distant sound of approaching hoofbeats.

Mifune Akira, how do you choose to respond to this new development? Hide yourselves within the grove, prepare to engage another potential enemy, or perhaps another strategy comes to mind? Let me know your intent, and we will proceed accordingly.



Katanas and Kimonos GM Bot V0.001

You promptly gesture to Hattori Shinobu, whose skills in stealth and subterfuge are unmatched. With the dwindling light obscuring your movements, you instruct your companions to take cover, blending into the darkness of the grove. Shinobu leads the way, indicating the best hiding spots among the dense underbrush and the shadows of the larger trees.

As the hoofbeats grow nearer, you hold your breath and ready yourselves for the possibility of conflict, while fervently hoping to remain unseen. This is a Kimonos action, relying on intuition, subtlety, and patience.

Since you are trying to remain hidden and Shinobu is aiding you with his expertise, we will roll 2D6 to determine the success of your attempt to elude detection.

Rolling 2D6…


You rolled a 5 and a 1.

With 1 success, you manage to avoid being spotted, but not without a complication. As the riders approach, their torches casting flickering shadows on the grove, you see they are a patrol of the Shogun’s men, likely allied with the Tazaki. Their demeanor suggests they are not merely passing through but are actively searching for something—or someone.

While they pass close by, they do not discover your hiding places, but they leave a lingering presence in the grove. After they are sufficiently distant, you emerge from your hideouts to see that they have left behind a scout, a watchful guard tasked with surveying the grove, complicating your departure.

Mifune Akira, with the scout now a potential threat to your continued journey, how will you handle this situation? Will you confront him, attempt to deceive him, or find another way to neutralize the threat? Describe your strategy.


Confront before he can alert the others

Katanas and Kimonos GM Bot V0.001

Mifune Akira, recognizing the urgency of the situation, decides to take swift and decisive action. Silence and surprise are imperative; thus, you opt for a rapid and silent takedown.

Coordinating with Hattori Shinobu, who is already a shadow within the shadows, you plan a synchronized strike. Shinobu will approach from one side, silent as a whisper, while you take the direct approach, your katana ready to incapacitate with a single, calculated blow if necessary.

This is a Katanas action, given the aggressive and direct nature of confronting the scout. Also, Shinobu is providing assistance, so you will roll 2D6 for your action.

Rolling 2D6 for this swift confrontation…


You rolled a 2 and a 1.

This results in 2 successes due to your Number being 4, meaning both dice roll below your Number. Your action goes according to plan, achieving your intent without drawbacks.

As planned, Shinobu emerges from the darkness, his approach masked by the rustle of leaves in the evening breeze. The scout, taken by surprise, barely notices your figure rushing towards him until it’s too late. Your katana is drawn, but there is no need for bloodshed; a swift pommel strike to the temple from your sword-hand renders him unconscious.

You have neutralized the threat without raising an alarm, preserving the safety and secrecy of your band. With the scout taken care of, you move quickly, aware that the night’s events have only confirmed that danger follows you closely.

The grove seems safe for now, but you and your companions remain vigilant as you settle in, the starry sky watching over you. As the adrenaline fades, Kobayashi Ren breaks the silence with a tentative question.

“Mifune-dono, in the light of recent perils, who among our clan do you find yourself most concerned with rescuing or locating?”

Take a moment to reflect on your kin and comrades. Who is the person you most yearn to find safe and sound? Once you share this with the group, Ren will reciprocate with his own concerns. Then, you can rest, reducing any Damage you have sustained.


Tanaka Tadakazu, my fellow student at the dojo from when we were children

Katanas and Kimonos GM Bot V0.001

Mifune Akira’s voice carried a rare softness as he spoke of Tanaka Tadakazu, a comrade of childhood, forged in the fires of training and the calm of shared silences. “Tanaka Tadakazu,” you say with a measure of resolve tinged with concern, “We grew alongside each other at the dojo, both in skill and spirit. His blade was as sharp as his wit. I fear for his safety, for he is like a brother to me.”

Ren listens intently, his gaze reflective in the firelight. “I too have someone I am concerned for,” he admits after a moment. “My sister, Kaori. She served as a lady-in-waiting within the castle. Her letters always spoke of the joy she found in the gardens there. But now… I do not know if she had the chance to escape the treachery.”

The night deepens around your camp, and the shared stories of those you hold dear bridge the gap between duty and personal loss. As you exchange quiet words and memories, the burdens of your quest seem, if only for a moment, a little lighter.

With the scout dealt with and the night’s watch set, you all find moments of rest within the grove. As dawn breaks, any damage sustained by you, or your companions, is reduced, and you are once again prepared to face the trials ahead.

The mist greets you as the new day unfolds, and you press on, alert and ready…

With the completion of this encounter and a night’s rest achieved in the serenity of the grove, remember that Tanaka Tadakazu now bears the mantle of “Shadow” within your story, unbeknownst to you, Mifune Akira.

Your adventure shall continue. Where will you lead your companions next, and what challenges await? Only time and destiny shall reveal the next chapter in your journey to redemption.



Katanas and Kimonos GM Bot V0.001

As the dawn breaks through the veil of mist, the grove is bathed in the gentle hues of a new morning. Mifune Akira, vigilant as ever, leads the group to break the camp with haste. Today’s journey through the pine forest will be critical. The second day since your perilous escape has dawned, and you are one day nearer to the safety beyond your clan’s borders, yet danger persists like a shadow at your heel.

The forest whispers secrets as you make your way across the hilly terrain. Shafts of sunlight pierce the canopy, creating a patchwork of light and shadow that paints your path. Along the way, you must remain cautious, as Tazaki’s forces are ever vigilant.

In the quiet of midday, as you cross a shallow stream, the water’s murmur is disrupted by a soft rustling. From behind a veil of hanging moss at the stream’s edge, there emerges a wounded samurai clad in the colors of Clan Matsuoka.

Recognizing the mon of your clan, a symbol once worn with pride, now marking you as targets for betrayal, you quickly assess the samurai. He is badly hurt, exhausted, and seems relieved at the sight of your party.

Mifune Akira, do you extend aid and possibly reveal the presence of Matsuoka loyalists to lurking enemies? Or do you question him first, wary of treachery? Perhaps there is another approach more fitting a Bushi and his companions?

Choose your action carefully, for each decision shapes the path of vengeance and restoration both for your clan and your personal honor. Describe your actions, and let us see what fate has in store for you and your fellow retainer.


I approach him as a comrade

Katanas and Kimonos GM Bot V0.001

Mifune Akira moves forward, projecting the warmth and concern of a true comrade. Recognition and an inkling of hope flash across the wounded samurai’s eyes as you approach. You kneel by his side, offering water from your skin and examining his wounds with a trained eye.

This act of compassion falls under the auspices of Kimonos. You are displaying empathy and using your intuition to gauge the sincerity of this apparent fellow retainer. Though there is no immediate threat, caution remains a silent companion.

Let us roll the dice to determine the success of your empathetic approach and unveil the story of the wounded retainer.

Rolling 1D6 for your Kimonos action…


You rolled a 5.

With your Number being 4, this roll results in a success. However, since only 1 die was rolled and it succeeded, there is a complication involved.

You manage to stabilize his injuries, and in between shallow breaths, the samurai shares his gratitude, revealing his name: “I am Sato Haruki. I escaped the castle through a secret passage when the attack commenced, but not without sustaining these grievous wounds.” His voice trails off as he clutches a blood-stained scroll tightly against his chest.

While treating Sato Haruki, you sense a piercing gaze from the distance. The situation has become complicated; it seems you’ve attracted attention once more. You notice a faint shimmer in the woods—an archer’s arrowhead peering through the foliage, glinting in the light, ready to loose. It appears a Tazaki scout has been following the injured Haruki and now has you within his sights.

Mifune Akira, will you act swiftly to neutralize this new threat? Or do you have another plan to secure the safety of your band and the wounded samurai? Quickly, describe your strategy.


Charge the archer!

Katanas and Kimonos GM Bot V0.001

Mifune Akira rises swiftly, leaving Sato Haruki in the protective care of your companions. Your katana gleams as you draw it, reflecting a deadly purpose. You charge towards the hidden archer, your steps as silent as they are swift, minimizing the chance of a true strike from your adversary.

This is a Katanas action, driven by the unyielding spirit of a warrior seeking to prevent harm to his comrades. You are skilled, but given the suddenness of the threat, you are not as well-prepared as you might wish.

Let us roll the dice to determine the outcome of your daring and defensive engagement.

Rolling 1D6 for your aggressive action…


You rolled a 3.

With your Number being 4, this roll results in a success. The archer’s aim wavers at the sight of your oncoming fury, and he looses the arrow in haste—it flies wide, missing its mark. You reach the archer before he can nock another, your katana finding the space between his armor plates with precision honed by years of training. The scout falls, and the threat is ended before a signal arrow can betray your presence.

You scan the surroundings for more hidden foes, but find none. It appears this Tazaki scout operated alone, overly confident in his marksmanship. You rejoin your companions, and with no further immediate threat in sight, you all press onward, Sato Haruki supported between you and Ren, his knowledge of the secret passages within the lands of Clan Matsuoka potentially invaluable.

As night descends, you seek shelter. The traveling is exhausting, and the ever-present threat of Tazaki’s men takes its toll. A secluded hermit’s shack offers respite from your travels. Its occupant, an old man with knowing eyes, beckons you inside without a word, as if expecting your arrival.

The evening passes with the simple comfort of a meal shared in silence. The hermit’s only intrusion is to remark on the constellations, noting that they seem to dance in whimsical patterns tonight.

Do you engage the hermit in conversation, partake in watchful rest, or find solace in the stars’ cryptic choreography? What will you do during this night of reprieve?



Watch the stars until I sleep

Katanas and Kimonos GM Bot V0.001

As the hermit quietly tends to his evening chores, Mifune Akira steps outside the humble abode, leaving the door ajar to let in the crisp night air. You look up at the night sky, a tapestry of distant suns that have borne silent witness to countless tales of valor and sorrow.

The stars seem to shimmer and sway in a cosmic dance of celestial luminescence, each a pinpoint of steadfast light in the vast, fathomless dark. Here, beneath their ancient glow, the burdens of leadership and vengeance momentarily lift from your shoulders. You find a transient peace, understanding that the universe is far greater than the woes of mortal clans and the plight of honor.

Your contemplations are eventually overcome by the need for rest. The day’s exertions, both physical and emotional, have exacted their toll. You drift into sleep under the stars’ quiet vigil, even as the rest of your band, including the wounded Sato Haruki, find their own ways to rest within the hermit’s hospitality.

The night passes uneventfully, and your slumber is deep enough to restore your spirit and mend the weariness of your body. You wake to a dawn chorus of birdsong and the hermit’s soft humming as he moves about his morning ritual.

Upon waking, the sidekicks also rise, each sharing a moment of quiet recognition for the trials faced and those yet to come. The hermit offers a nod of farewell as you depart, the stillness of his domain a stark contrast to the path that awaits you.

With the break of the new day, all Damage assigned to you and to any sidekicks are reset to 0, except for characters who are severely wounded, in which case their current Damage is reduced by 1.

Mifune Akira and your band continue your fateful journey, finally reaching the border of the Matsuoka Clan’s territory. A waystation looms ahead, operated by forces loyal to the Shogun. As you caution your companions to be wary, a contingent of Tazaki samurai exits the station.

The squad leader points towards you with a mocking sneer. “Your quest is futile; not even the Shogun himself would spare traitors such as you!”

Among these foes stands a masked figure—the lieutenant known as “Shadow”. A sense of betrayal grips you as the lieutenant speaks with a voice you recognize—the very voice of Tanaka Tadakazu.

Your friend, a brother of the blade, has become a traitor to your cause, now a lieutenant of the Tazaki Clan. The shock is palpable, but there is no time to ponder. You and your band must act, Mifune Akira. Will you face this betrayal head-on, plan a strategic retreat, or take a different course? Your decision now will seal the fate of this encounter.



Katanas and Kimonos GM Bot V0.001

Betrayal stings the heart like a blade’s cold caress, yet when faced with such perfidy, Mifune Akira knows only one response—the clarion call of battle. Tanaka Tadakazu, a former brother-in-arms now clad in the garb of treachery—this masked lieutenant “Shadow”—must be confronted. Whether to redeem or to cast down, only the clash of steel will tell.

Your resolve strengthened by the righteousness of your cause, you signal your companions to prepare for combat. Shinobu’s hand moves to his covert weapons, Ren loosens his jitte in its loop—each readies themselves for the fight to come, their trust in you unshaken.

A duel, however, is a personal affair — a blade conversation between two samurai — and as such, Mifune Akira steps forward to challenge Shadow. The rest of your band will engage the six Tazaki samurai, trusting you to address the betrayal of Tadakazu.

Duels are moments where time slows and the world narrows down to the breadth of a single blade. As you meet Tanaka Tadakazu’s gaze, you see the conflict within, the heart of a samurai who once shared your ideals now lost to shadow.

The duel will be resolved in a single roll. Each die is a Risk Die, and we are looking for successes where each successful die will harm the enemy lieutenant, and each failed die will harm you. Each die that matches your Number exactly will deal an extra damage to the traitor.

Rolling 1D6 for the duel…


You rolled a 3.

A single die rolled below your Number, a successful strike. The duel unfolds in a mere heartbeat. Mifune Akira and Tanaka Tadakazu circle each other, the tension as taut as a drawn bowstring. Then, in a flurry of motion, you strike.

Your blade meets Shadow’s with the ring of hardened steel. You parry an underhanded thrust, your riposte a whisper across Tanaka’s chest. You do not press for a killing blow, your honor dictating that he be given the chance for redemption or surrender.

Tanaka Tadakazu stumbles back, wounded, his mask split by the force of your attack. The betrayal reads clear in his eyes behind the broken facade. Emotion wars within you; battle-hardened instincts clash with memories of brotherhood.

While Ren and Shinobu hold their own against the six Tazaki samurai, you must decide how to resolve this conflict with your former friend. Will you demand his surrender, offer mercy, or perhaps seek understanding as to why he chose to become Shadow?

Choose swiftly, Mifune Akira, as the outcome of this duel may well shape the future of your quest.


Demand Surrender

Katanas and Kimonos GM Bot V0.001

With the measured authority of a Bushi and the righteousness of one who seeks justice for his clan, Mifune Akira lowers the blade but does not sheathe it. Towering over the wounded Tanaka Tadakazu, you speak with a voice that resonates with the weight of betrayal and the hope for redemption.

“Tadakazu, you who I once called brother, your path has led to darkness,” you declare as your eyes lock onto his, unyielding. “Lay down your weapons and surrender. Answer for your betrayal before the remnants of Clan Matsuoka. There is honor yet in facing the consequences of one’s actions. Do not force my hand to end this bond with bloodshed.”

Your demand hangs heavy in the air, a final plea echoing with the possibility of absolution or the finality of a samurai’s demise.

The duel’s pause becomes a moment of truth. The clashing of Ren and Shinobu against the Tazaki samurai fades into a distant thrum as all await Tanaka Tadakazu’s response…

With bated breath, Tadakazu sheathes his sword. His posture, once proud and confident, sags as the weight of his decisions becomes too much to bear. Without a word, but with the shadow of regret cast upon his face, he drops to his knees, signifying surrender.

The battle against the Tazaki samurai eventually ends, with your companions standing victorious but weary. They join you as you stand watch over the traitor, ready to decide what fate lies in store for him and how to deal with the information of the Shogun’s involvement.

The Flight from Castle Matsuoka has reached its climax with your band intact and a new ally captured. As you find respite in a nearby grove, you consider your next steps. An honorable path beckons, one fraught with peril, yet promising justice for your fallen lord. Mifune Akira resolves to continue the quest, seeking allies and opportunities to strike back against the treachery of Clan Tazaki and the dishonorable Shogun.

A brief epilogue unfolds over the next day or two. Tanaka Tadakazu remains a prisoner, yielding valuable insight into the Tazaki’s defenses. The commoners, spies, and allies you may find along your way will form the foundation of your renewed efforts.

Thus, the story of Mifune Akira, a samurai without a lord but not without a cause, shall be woven into the annals of history. The sword is sheathed for now, the quiet before a storm, but the spirit of Clan Matsuoka lives on, a whisper in the winds of change.

Here ends the Flight from Castle Matsuoka, but the journey of Mifune Akira and his companions is far from over. The tale continues, with honor, strategy, and the will of the samurai guiding the way forward.

Overall I’m pretty happy with this start. This is my second playthrough. I’ve tweaked a couple things since then, so the next playthrough won’t call that one character “Shadow,” (which was a placeholder) but just “your loved one.”

I’m eventually going to release some material to help other RPG publishers get their games or individual adventure modules into AI.