I can't sort my chat history in order of importance

I have a new feature request to further enrich our experience with ChatGPT: Sorting our chat history in order of importance.

The chat records made with ChatGPT contain quite valuable information for users. However, from time to time, when we need to return to this information, we have to review the entire chat history to find a specific topic or piece of information. This can sometimes be challenging and time-consuming.

If we had the opportunity to sort our chat history in order of importance (for example, using tags, keywords, or a specific categorization method), we could access the information we are looking for much more quickly and effectively.

Adding this feature will make the use of ChatGPT even more efficient and user-friendly. Thank you in advance for considering my request.

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  • Tags for categorization
  • Search
  • Faves
  • Show categories and chats underneath them like cards

Feels like a good offline app should do this in order to be fast

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