I can't get my openai assistant to access its KB when querying it over an API

The query generated by my python code answers as if it is a vanilla flavored chatgpt. The calls that I think were used to pass the assistant id or the file id have been deprecated. Can you tell me how to get the assistant that has the KB to respond. I think i have to pass the assistant ID but i don’t know how.

import os
from openai import OpenAI

# Set your API key here
api_key = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'

# Instantiate the OpenAI client
client = OpenAI(api_key=api_key)

# Using the client to create a chat completion
response = client.chat.completions.create(
        {"role": "user", "content": "what is SOL'"}

# Print the response

This code is to make a chat completion request.

If you want to use an assistant, you need to use the proper API.

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Can you tell me what the proper API is?