How you deal with response limit in a single API request?

Hi everyone,

Here is the case. I’m using an Action that uses GET API endpoint and gets a text in response. Everything works fine, but if there is too much text, there is an error saying: “The response size appears to be too large for processing”

How to deal with these limits? What are they exactly for a single API response?

Have anybody struggled with such a problem and do you know if GPT could manage partial response retrieval?
For example, for one single API request, the response will have multiple file/text segments in response. Has anybody tried this?

Keep in mind, that it’s not a token limit or anything, because if I manually upload the same text to GPT, the retrieval and other stuff work as intended.

Will appreciate any relevant help and knowledge to solve this. Thanks!


Facing the exact same issue here in 2024 Feb.

In my case, I have implemented a custom action to hit the Google Calendar GET calendar event API

No matter how I limit the timeframe, the response seems to be exceeding the limit of what ChatGPT can process.

Any solutions for this?

There seems to be a limit of 100,000 bytes for a single return.