How would you describe the taste of AI?

So Coca‑Cola® has created this product called “Y3000 Zero Sugar” they say is created by AI

The zero-sugar offering will be available for a limited time in select markets including the United States, Canada, China, Europe and Africa. Consumers in the United States, Canada and Mexico can also reach for an original taste version of Coca‑Cola® Y3000.

I’ve never personally seen this product, so I’m hoping someone else can tell me:

what does AI taste like?

Drawing from my extensive experience with a diverse range of artificial intelligence platforms, I can assert with assurance that the intricacies and nuances of AI can be likened to the distinctive taste and texture of spaghetti.

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I would be interested to learn how—exactly—AI was used in the development of this product.

My guess? Not at all. This is marketing at work.


Bittersweet at the moment lol


Mountain Dew had a “summer” flavor this summer… I wonder sometimes if they take failed “flavors” and mix them to create a new one and just market with a new name…

… and don’t get me started on the prices for the chemical water these days! :wink:

I’ll be taking one for the team on this one, if I can get my hands on this chemical water.

I’m eager to sip on this software-spiced corporate concoction and savor this binary-blessed business beverage, I’ll be gobbling down this algorithmically enhanced company cool aid, until my thirst is thoroughly quenched.


Found a few cans during vacation.

I’d say the taste is unique in it’s artificial sweetness that leaves one wondering what’s actually inside the can until the brain starts demanding more when the aftertaste slowly starts to receede.

Since I am usually located in north Germany I can bring a can back home for a personal investigation.


So, I finally stumbled across a sample of the Coca-Cola Y3000, and…

I think we need to pull the plug on this whole “AI” thing. Shut it down and roll up shop.

AI is clearly hostile and antagonistic to human life.

Joking aside, I have absolutely zero faith in the claim AI had any meaningful involvement in the creation of this drink.

The flavor is vaguely reminiscent to that of OK Soda from the early 90’s (a soda I would wager none of you are familiar with, being 30-years old and only released to about 20, relatively small, test-markets during a 2-year window).


Lmao good review!

Sounds a bit like Mezzo mix I’m sure the German crowd will be pleased :rofl: