How to test fine-tuned model

[Question Description] I have fine-tuned a classifier on my own dataset. At present, i need to test the classifier on my test dataset. However, it seems that I can only use each piece of data in the test dataset as a prompt input the fine-tuned classifier, which will takes a long time.

[My Question] Can I directly upload the test dataset file and get the final output results of classification? :thinking: If possible, how can i do it?

Hi @guoshuai

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You’ll find docs on classification metrics useful.

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:grinning:Yeah, I have read the classification-specific metrics.

However, I have finished the fine-tuned. Can I upload my whole test dataset to get the metric results?

If possible, how can i do it?

I’m not sure if OpenAI API has a provision to run validation after the fine-tune has been completed, but you can write your own script and make calls to the model to compare against a validation dataset. Even better, you can use W&B to do that.