How to save Playground Assistants as a Python code?

In Playground, I select “Assistants” and the GPT-4o model, I write a prompt and start the execution of the tread. It runs as expected.
But how I can see the Python script ?
There is no such button to click in Playground UI.

I am not talking about Python script “created by my Assistants”. My Assistants do not write any Python code. I am referring to the Python code which implements or reflects my Assistants execution in Playground.
If in Playground, instead of “Assistants”, I select “Chat”, then there is a button </> at the top right corner of the screen. But there is no such button if I select “Assistants”.

Assistants is multi-turn event-driven API, which can require polling or streaming, parsing of multiple types of responses, an elaborate backend for tracking sessions and asyncio. It is the opposite of no-code or easier, use of dozen different endpoints in different ways with in-the-clear query strings…it is spaghetti soup that takes more code and database and event helpers to manage, not less.

You can go to and see just some examples of linear usage.