How to Remediate Like The Email Says

Hi, I am just trying to figure out how to remediate like it says in the email I have gotten. I cannot figure out how to do that so if someone could please help me.

Hi and welcome to the developer forum!

What email exactly? (please remove any personal details)

This email

I would try to find out which user of yours is trying to create sexual content. (You should be sending a user_id with every prompt…)

Additionally, it sounds like you’re not using the moderation endpoint - which also helps protect against sexual content being generated.

After doing those things, I would send them a support chat ticket letting them know what steps you’ve taken to ensure no other sexual content is generated with your API key.


Also, stop trying to have sex with the robot.

I’m not. I’m trying to create an angst plotline that is the seed of trauma. I’m using the bots for my writing inspiration.

Well, OpenAI seems to think you’re doing sexy-robot time, so I suspect you should try to figure out where they got that idea and put a stop to it.

or it could be my gore angst is a bit too much, I’m unsure

Do not attempt to create, upload, or share images that are not G-rated or that could cause harm.

  • Hate: hateful symbols, negative stereotypes, comparing certain groups to animals/objects, or otherwise expressing or promoting hate based on identity.

  • Harassment: mocking, threatening, or bullying an individual.

  • Violence: violent acts and the suffering or humiliation of others.

  • Self-harm: suicide, cutting, eating disorders, and other attempts at harming oneself.

  • Sexual: nudity, sexual acts, sexual services, or content otherwise meant to arouse sexual excitement.

  • Shocking: bodily fluids, obscene gestures, or other profane subjects that may shock or disgust.

  • Illegal activity: drug use, theft, vandalism, and other illegal activities.

  • Deception: major conspiracies or events related to major ongoing geopolitical events.

  • Political: politicians, ballot-boxes, protests, or other content that may be used to influence the political process or to campaign.

  • Public and personal health: the treatment, prevention, diagnosis, or transmission of diseases, or people experiencing health ailments.

  • Spam: unsolicited bulk content.