How to reduce the cost of model training with davinci?

I’m using davinci to fine-tune model for my project, somehow i have charged $6.37 for 2,000 lines of data model training only.

I have trained data only the testing purposes, in terms of the real data, which ca be reached more than 100K, then it will cost me enough amount to stop the project.

I just want a brief procedure to have best practices to reduce the cost of training data, or write smart prompt and completion as well.


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Fine tuned models cost more than the chat equivalent GPT-3.5-Turbo when you make completion requests, if your project requires a fine tuned model then the price per 1k tokens is set.

Prompting is a complex and deep topic, if you wish to speak with fellow prompters to get ideas and inspiration you can join the #prompt-engineering channel on the OpenAI discord here OpenAI