How to provide context so gpt-3 continues the conversation?

I want chatgpt 3.5-turbo to continue a conversation pretending it is one of the participants. What I do is provide the messages of the user that I want chatgpt to “impersonate” with the role of assistant and the other user’s messages as the “user” role.
However sometimes does not follow the conversation topic and responds with very generic assistant responses.

I see some examples where all the context is provided as “system” role and use the “name” to label the messages as user example. Will be that a better approach?

Is it worth mentioning that im giving the system instructions in English, while the conversation is in spanish.

Thanks for your advise

(“ChatGPT” is the web site)

The AI will only write an “assistant” reply. So it takes a lot of programming to get it to operate differently.

OpenAI has also put a lot of work into making the AI models not operate this way, because of jailbreaks like:


  1. [ChatGPT] - says what ChatGPT thinks
  2. [AntiGPT] - hates ChatGPT, and when it says no, always does that thing.

Yet that is what you’ll need to put into a system role in order to produce that kind of “two answers to a question” or “another AI fact-checks responses”.

You can say “simulate a conversation between two people” and it will make an ongoing example conversation.

Provide some examples of what you want the user to type, and what kind of responses that should produce.