How to prompt GPT3.5 to summarize a youtube video

Hi there,

I 'm trying to build a youtube summarizer for personal project just like how to prompt it to get ouputs just like eightify. I have tried so many prompts but I’m not satisfied with the result.

and also how much should I set the temperature to?


Hi Zeki

Show the prompts you tried, models and parameters, results and what exactky you are not happy with. This way you may get help.

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Summarize the main points and their comprehensive explanations from below text, presenting them under appropriate headings. Use various Emoji to symbolize different sections, and format the content as a cohesive paragraph under each heading. Ensure the summary is clear, detailed, and informative, reflecting the executive summary style found in news articles. Avoid using phrases that directly reference 'the script provides' to maintain a direct and objective tone.


The output I got

The output I want not exact but it should resemble a similar style or presentation

if you see the output I got it mentions “the video,” “the YouTuber,” “the script,” and “the content,” but it doesn’t convey the information clearly.

Instead, it should present the information as if it’s already familiar with the script, without referencing the script or anyone on the script explicitly. Similar to how ChatGPT responds to questions without mentioning the specific training it received.

I’ve attempted various prompts but haven’t succeeded. I’m sure there is something I’m missing. Even when using GPT-4, which follows instructions more accurately, I’m still not achieving the desired format.


Giving examples of the format / messaging you want will improve the results significantly (for further research: one-shot / few-shot prompting)