How to perform a full-text search on a document with a large number of characters

I upload a text file of legal documents and ask questions on them, but they are not all covered and there are omissions.
Apparently, the scope of the search is limited at a time.

In this case, how can we have the file searched in its entirety and output or summarize all the sections that pertain to the question?

HI, @kenhachi1222n ! I suggest you to try the GPT-4 Turbo 128K model. If that still doesn’t work the way you expect, there’s one more thing you can try to improve - your system-prompt.

Have you tested giving it a smaller file?

That would narrow down is it about the file or the assistant. My guess is the assistant.

Would love to hear how your test goes. If the issue persists include your instructions to the assistant.