How to limit the assistant token in Typebot (or if possible natively by the assistant)

I use the assistant in the 4-o version integrated with Typebot to solve doubts about my website, but the context tokens are extremely expensive, and considering they are simple and predetermined answers, context is practically unnecessary. I saw that the API has updated and now allows for limit parameters, but I didn’t understand how to use them, and I don’t know if I can add this directly in the assistant’s settings (if this option doesn’t exist, and from what I searched it indeed doesn’t, it is already a suggestion) or how I should implement the limit directly within Typebot. I will leave images to illustrate.

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You can only configure max token messages or prompt when sending a message. You can set those parameters when sending a messages. It is on typebot side to implement the feature you can’t configure it on your assistant!

You can look at my app I added an option for this