How to give OpenAI full access to the WordPress files?

How do I give the neural network from OpenAI full access to the WordPress files using the API, so that the neural network can automatically test and optimise the plugins I create on my server configuration?

What are the options for solving this task?

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There’s a context limit on the models that might make what you want difficult.

What have you tried or investigated so far?

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Hello! Thanks for the reply, I haven’t tested anything up to this point. I’m wondering if there may be solutions, despite the limitation (which, in general, can be fixed by sending further commands to continue, on the other hand, an API was released for chatGPT-4 thanks to which it will be possible to use the tool more freely).

I think I’m not alone in that chatGPT-4 is downright bad at programming. The reason for this is the inability to check the written code for errors. If we give it such an opportunity, we will see something beautiful and self-improving. Dreams Dreams…