How to get access to gpt-4-vision-preview model?

Hi There,

Could you please help me, I can’t find gpt-4-vision-preview model available in the playground or via API calls in my personal organization.
My balance is 10$+ and still have no access to this model and it is not clear why.
Are there any ideas? Are there any regional restrictions (I’m located in Georgia country)?

Thanks in advance.

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I can’t get access to gpt-4-vision-preview via API

Hey, have you purchased credits or turned on a pay-as-you-go subscription plan?

The model is not shown in the playground. There is no “upload image” feature in the playground to support it. Other GPT-4 models are listed in “chat” mode if you have unlocked them by previously making a payment to OpenAI (such as by purchasing credits).

You can check “limits” in your account, where all models you can access are listed (and at times, more are available that are not there).


Ah, they said playground. Thanks for catching this.

I’ve purchased credits. Pay-as-you-go is not enabled

Okay, go to your limits page and see if you have access to GPT-4-Vision-Preview.

The model GPT-4-Vision-Preview is available in the list. I’ve checked my code and found that I used the completion API endpoint instead of a chat. So after I fixed that, I was able to retrieve and use this model via API.
As @_j explained above the GPT-4-Vision-Preview should not be available via playground, so I think that that case is solved.
Thank you folks for your help!


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