How to gain access to a fine-tune model when using a different account

Our company owns 3 different openai accounts, dev, UAT and prod. In the past, we would use the dev account to fine-tune models and then still have access to them in UAT and prod. Recently we introduced a new model trained on gpt3.5-turbo using the dev account, and it works without any issues in the dev environment but we cannot seem to access it via our UAT and prod accounts. How can we grant access to our fine-tune models to other accounts?

This is the error we’re getting:
404 Not Found: "{<EOL> "error": {<EOL> "message": "The model `ft:gpt-3.5-turbo-0613:xxx:xxx:xxx` does not exist or you do not have access to it.",<EOL> "type": "invalid_request_error",<EOL> "param": null,<EOL> "code": "model_not_found"<EOL> }<EOL>}<EOL>"

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When you say accounts, do you mean organisations within an account or actually separate accounts with different logins and user names, emails etc?

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My apologies, I wouldn’t really know the difference so perhaps my understanding is incorrect, but when we log into the dev account, for example, we cannot see any of the details for the UAT or prod accounts. We do not have the same team members on all 3 accounts either, only our sys admins have access to the UAT and prod accounts.

OK, so my current understanding is that Organisations can invite accounts to join, once joined they should have access to the fine tuned models for that Organisation, if you are saying that is currently working for other fine tunes, but not for gpt-3.5 then I think that is a bug, and I’ll move this thread to the bug category.

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Echoing what @Foxabilo said. There are two roles visible to me for my org as owner:

  1. Owner
  2. Reader