How to fix http 429 error

I integrated Open AI with bubble and it was working well until now. I am now getting HTTP 429 error. Can someone please let me know how to fix this?


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Are you talking about the DALLE2 API? You might be hitting it too hard. There’s a rate limit… 10 requests per minute and 25 per 5 minutes…

Hope that helps!

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What type of integration?


Open AI API integration

I am using the chat gpt extension available on google sheet for the first time and I am getting following error

OpenAI error: HTTP code: 429 Message: You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details. (line 852).

Can you help me fix this?

Hey, did you manage to fix this issue?? I am having the same problem now.

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Same for me. Did someone fixed this problem ?

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Hi, Please share the solution if you have one. Thank you.

In PHP I used this approach:

  1. prepare curl handles for requests to send in parallel,

  2. then launch the multi handle request on the first handle

  3. and while waiting to the response, loop through the other handles adding them one by one to the multi handle with a delay of 25ms.

  4. While the loop is running, check state of incoming responses and if hitting the 429 error, pause (x .=+ 5s) before adding the failed request back to multi handle for a Max of 3 retires.