How to find the transcript ID of completed whisper transcription task and retrieve transcription

I have completed a whisper transcription task following:

I don’t want to re-transcribe. Can I get the transcription from the endpoint?

There is no method to retrieve past transcription objects again. You only get the one-time network response to your API request.

If you have the environment still open after a python call, you might be able to still get variables set by the response output.

Thank you for you quick feedback.
This feature is not something must have.It’s easy to find ways to save the transcript after trasncribing for further use.

Fun trick for forum members that have access to “AI” in the editor: just continue copying the previous output and clicking “Translate to English” on the English.

  • This characteristic is not an essential requirement. It is rather effortless to discover methods to preserve the transcript post-transcription for subsequent utilization.

  • This particular trait is not a fundamental necessity. It is rather straightforward to unearth strategies to maintain the record post-transcription for future exploitation.or future utilization.

  • This specific characteristic is not an essential prerequisite. It is relatively uncomplicated to discover methods to preserve the document subsequent to transcription for prospective utilization.

  • This particular attribute is not a fundamental precondition. It is fairly straightforward to unearth strategies for safeguarding the manuscript following its transcription for future exploitation.

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