How to enforce usage of project API keys / prevent billing of organization via user API keys / overbudgeting loophole

the project budgets and project API keys are a super cool feature to control a huge spending budget over a larger team/organisation.
However, there seems one substantial problem at the moment.
I don`t see a way to force members of my org to create/use project-specific API keys. They can still create user API keys and select that they will be billed over the org (since they have to be members of the org to become member of a project).
Am I missing something or is this feature to disable user keys or at least billing of them via an organization still missing and an overbudgeting loophole where one black sheep can spend the entire budget of the org still exists?

Thank you for sharing your feedback. You’re correct - unfortunately there’s no current way to force members of your org to create/use project-specific API keys.


Thanks for stopping by to let us know, @bhoover !

Thank you for the quick reply.