How to customize (font-size, dialog window size+pos) ChaGPT window on Windows

I would like to customize the ChatGPT window on Windows.
So I am not talking about ChatGPT in browser (as web extension).

When I start ChatGPT v1.1 I found no way to change font-size, line-height and similar for chat dialog… Similarly I would appreciate that ChatGPT remembers the ChaGPT window size and position on desktop. beyond exit and restart.

How can I achieve this?

There’s no “chatGPT Windows application” do you mean the android APK?

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If you are putting an API key into an untrustworthy third-party app we’ve not heard of that claims to be ChatGPT…well, don’t do that.

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How would you call this:

This seems to be a browser window with some extra stuff on top, could you provide a link to where you found this application?

https : / / github . com / lencx / ChatGPT / releases

I’ve had a look on the GitHub

This is an unofficial project solely intended for personal learning and research. Since the ChatGPT desktop application was open-sourced, it has garnered a lot of attention, and I want to thank everyone for their support. However, as the project progressed, two issues have arisen that greatly impact its future development:

  • Some individuals have repackaged and sold it for profit.
  • The name and icon of ChatGPT could potentially lead to infringement disputes.

I don’t think there’s any danger in using this application, but it’s not affiliated with OpenAI. I highly suggest that you open an issue on GitHub instead so the developer of said application actually sees it :laughing:

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If the “application” is simply the ChatGPT web page rendered in an application’s reused browser, you have less freedom than using the web page, where you can zoom in or zoom out, or edit/rewrite appearance html/css with an extension.

Putting your password into, or just plain running, closed source impostor apps with a indicating it is made by nationals where OpenAI prohibits use is also a no-no.

Good observation,
I didn’t look into it that closely, there’s something to be said here about always checking the open source libraries & applications you decide to use.

It is fairly easy to write a python program with a GUI (e.g. pysimplegui) that talks to gpt3.5, and to interact with it. E.G. I made such thing.

For customizing the website look, you might find something on UserStyles or create your own style there: ChatGPT Themes & Skins |

However, keep in mind that custom styles might not always work perfectly with the site due to potential bugs or compatibility issues. It’s a good idea to test any style you choose and be prepared for variations in appearance. In my personal experience (not specific to ChatGPT), it’s mostly not worth your time.