How to create a description for GPT

I am looking at the listing of GPTs in the store, and it appears that the brief descriptions in the listings are the first few words of the main GPT description. But, I’ve not been able to find anything on how this works exactly, how you frame your description so that the correct wording appears on the GPT search results.

Anybody with any thoughts on this?

The amount of GPT description shown in the search interface is simply the text being elided to fit within the width of the flexbox with text-overflow: ellipsis;

The software client gets info like:

  "display": {
    "name": "GPT Custom Bot Describer",
    "description": "A specialized assistant for creating optimal descriptions of custom GPT-based chatbots, tailored to highlight unique features and capabilities.",
    "welcome_message": "Hello! Ready to craft the perfect description for your custom GPT chatbot?",
    "prompt_starters": [
      "Describe my chatbot designed for travel advice.",
      "How can I showcase my educational chatbot's features?",
      "Write an engaging overview for my fitness coaching bot.",
      "Summarize the unique selling points of my entertainment chatbot."

So put the power of words in the beginning, as they may face truncation.