How to create a database in my Assistant?

Hey friends
I’m still not sure I’ve been able to figure out how to do it.
I want to create an Assistant that knows how to receive all the information from my company (emails we sent, our contracts, agreements, data, etc.), information that we will continue to update all the time - and give me things according to that information.
For example, write me an email for Thursday in our unique writing style or give me data about the month of June - how many leads there were, etc.

Is it possible?

There are various options for this functionality. One option is the document retrieval functionality. Another option, for real time interactions is to use a function /tools that can connect with an API from your system ERP or database. For styled writing, the use of fine tuning (though Im still trying to figure out if it can access file retrieval).
All options are detailed well, in Python and nodejs in the API documentation.
Are there any other options?

it all sounds good
any tutorial on how to do even one of them?

I would start with the platform docs and API, obviously Youtube has many tutorials too, but these are official docs:
The functions/tools option took me a while to figure out and get my head around, so I suggest starting with document retrieval first.

thanks bro!
Another question if we’re already talking here - is it possible for me to create an external table with topics I’ve written about that my assistant could check before offering me ideas for writing?

yes, so long as you provide the assistant with a tool to query it and you prompt the assistant in such a way that it will seek to use that tool.

Ive integrated Airtable with Assistants using function tools. Any change to the data table, when accessed by Assistant, is retrieved in real time. Any database with an accessible API can be used. Ideal solution.

Another option could be to simply extract the data as a JSON or text document and use the file retrieval functionality (upload document to Assistant). If there is a change in the database table, the file would need to be updated.

An even simpler approach is to include the data, in JSON structured format, in the prompt. Ive done this when the data is very small, such as a small list of products. Same issues as above regarding updates.