How to add external links while creating assistant in playground?

I want the assistant to access a few links besides uploaded documents and instructions. How can I do this so that when a user query my assistant it also looks thru data on those pages.

Write a function that accesses the links, and specify in the Assistant and function’s description that the Assistant should look there for data as well.

The assistant doesn’t have a retrieval feature with access to the internet, it only has document retrieval.

If you want to add search or simpler link fetching to it, as @sdelgado says, you need to write a function “tool” that the assistant can call, doing the search for the assistant and returning the results to it.

Some relevant documentation:

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Hello, did you solve this problem? Because also i need to the same?

You can still build it, but it’s not a ready tool. There are other separate services and OS tools that can help you do the searching, crawling and scraping.