How to access Dall-E 3 generate art images by combining art styles

Has anyone been able to access DALL-E -3 in chat. When I first started using DALL-E -3 the original was so accessible - now I am willing to pay for it but I can’t generate any combination of artistic images.

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Do you have a prompt you’re trying that’s not working?

Yes, I was trying to use it the way I did when Dall-E came out I.e.
Generate an image of a Goliath beetle devouring its prey in the style of the artist Francis Bacon,

And I was told that due to copyright this could no longer be generated unless the artist was before 1912

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Ah, yeah. One thing you can do is start a new thread and ask ChatGPT or another LLM to describe the style of “Francis Bacon” or another artist then use that description for style rather than their outright name…