How many charters are too much a task?

I realized that after certain number of charters I put in instructions input for ChatGPT 3.5 or 4 it just go crazy. According to what ChatGPT is saying everything that has over 2048 charters in input can not be correct in output, but it also says you can upload up to 5MB of file in BETA, but I still see it can’t take more than 2048 charters without an error.
How to solve a problem of me wanting ChatGPT 4 to read my 12000 charters article and give me tags, keywords, titles… If I give instructions before or after text it follows only 2-4 of 22 instructions.

Nobody else have this problem?
What’s the point of 5mb limit if it can only use 0,02mb?

You cannot ask ChatGPT about itself. It has knowledge up to 2021 - before it was created.

The AI model has a limited amount of information it can understand at once. You cannot load gpt-4 with more than 6500 TOKENS and expect understanding. Beyond a certain point, it must omit some of the past conversation.

Since the limit is by encoded tokens and not characters or words, the actual length will depend on the language coding efficiency.

If you paste all of the article and also the instructions all at once and it is accepted, this is simply a problem with the AI’s ability to follow those directions. A large amount of accompanying data can reduce the quality of instruction-following. You can try to make them clearer, or step-by-step, or lay them out in a formatted list. (I’ve even had the second of just two system instructions ignored by gpt-3.5.)

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