How is a finetuned model charged for it's usage?

Suppose a scenario:
I have a dataset that I want to finetune chatgpt3 on. I finetune the model davinci. I am charged with the training charged as per num token, epochs and davinci charges.
Now, I have a finetuned model with me.

How will I now be charged for the usage of this finetuned model? Will it be based on

  1. Number of requests?
  2. Number of tokens in completions generated?
  3. Number of tokens in prompts?
  4. Number of tokens in prompts + completions?

If yes, then what is the pricing like?

Total tokens input+output as far as I know, exact price depends on model, check out the pricing page

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davinci untrained is 0.02 per 1000 tokens for usage

davinci trained is 0.12 per 1000 tokens (6 times the price)
training davinci costs 0.03 per 1000 tokens

Embedding is 0.0004 per 1000 tokens (to create the data - equivalent of training)
Usage is the cost of Davinci - but you have to include the text you find as a context.
Even if you fill the entire 4096 tokens, the Davinci request will be a total 0.08 for 4000 tokens (3/4 the cost of using 1000 tokens in a trained Davinci)


Thanks for your response.

Thanks for your response!