How can I increase the ceiling for GPT Instructions beyond 8000 characters

The instructions that I am building for my Custom GPT model currently exceeds 8000 characters. Once I exceed 8000 characters the tool will not allow me to save my changes. Is there a way that Admin can increase the character limit that I have for my Custom GPT in my workspace?

Any assistance that you can provide would be appreciated.

You cannot.

Work on condensing your instructions.


@elmstedt is right as there is no way to get more characters for your instructions inside the editor.

But you can try to work around the issue by adding additional instructions into your knowledge files or retrieve these via a custom action.

Ultimately you should double check if the instructions are actually being followed. Sometimes it just better to shorten.

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my request. You helped save me many hours and a great deal of frustration.