How can I get my assistant's thread ID (or list)?

If I create an Assistant Thread and unsave the result ID somewhere, I’ll never be able to find it?

I’m testing the api, and I’ve created and never deleted a thread.
There are threads somewhere, but I can’t look them up…

After logging in you can see all your assistants, including the name and the id

You need to have your own solution to save thread id’s (at least for now).

Thanks for the reply. But I’m not looking for a list of assistants.
I’m looking for the ID or list of threads created by assistants :slight_smile:

If you did save the thread id, how can you retrieve the results of a thread please?

@inowing Hi there it’s not working like that. Look at the sdk I created:

  1. Create the thread
  2. Create as many message in the thread
  3. RunStep using the assistant

here’s one place. not ideal. but there it is.

Hello, sorry to bother you.

I have some questions about the use of thread ids as well. While I can save the thread id to ensure that the content of the conversation with the assistant remains within the same thread context, I’m not sure about the purpose of storing the thread id. Initially, I thought it would ensure that my series of inputs are recognized as a continuous conversation in the same context by the assistant.

However, when I use the same thread id for a second session after the program ends, does it mean that the content from my previous session with the assistant is remembered by OpenAI but I’m unsure where it is stored?

Load or create a conversation thread

try: with open(‘thread_id.txt’, ‘r’) as f: thread_id = f.readline().strip() print(“Using existing thread ID:”, thread_id) except FileNotFoundError: thread = client.beta.threads.create() thread_id = with open(‘thread_id.txt’, ‘w’) as f: f.write(thread_id) print(“Created new thread ID:”, thread_id)

Send the initial system prompt to the conversation thread

client.beta.threads.messages.create( thread_id=thread_id, role=“user”, content=system_prompt )

Thank you
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