How can I add information to chatgpt to respond to about products

I would like to use chatgpt to display information about some products.
However, when configuring the products with the system role, chatgpt does not show the information and suggests other products that are not configured.

const completion = await openai.createChatCompletion({
model: “gpt-3.5-turbo”,
messages: [
{ role: “system”, name:“product”, content: “Microphone price $15”},
{ role: “system”, name:“product”, content: “Tv price $55”},
{ role: “assistant”, content:“we have the next products: microphone, tv.”},
{ role: “user”, content: “List products?”},

I apologize for the confusion earlier. I assumed you were asking for the price of individual products. To list the available products, please provide me with more details such as the type or category of products you are looking for.

How can I add knowledge to the chat?

Hi @lf.deiby, check this out:

Hope this helps.



You can only use one “system” message, and your system message should include clear, “plain English” instructions for your bot to follow. Coder’s sarcastic reply provides a good demonstration of doing this.

Nothing sarcastic in my actual demonstration of how to do whet @lf.deiby wanted.

Coding, real demos and testing trumps words, advice and guessing.

Coding is key!


Nobody learns from spoonfeeding. People will find you a lot more friendly and helpful when you give actual advice. That said, there’s nothing wrong with accompanying your advice with examples.