How can chatgpt4 describe a picture

pls describe the picture.

I am unable to view images directly, as I am an AI language model and cannot access external websites. However, if you provide a brief description of the image, I would be more than happy to help you with any information or assistance you need related to it.

What can I do to make it describe this picture😃

Does any god know how to let chatgpt4 describe the picture?

i think this feature is only available via API.

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Thank you very much. You are my god😄

This feature is not available to anyone yet, it is in a private closed alpha with Be My Eyes, a non-profit.

@logankilpatrick , thank you. Are you aware of any ETA - when it could be available to the public?

It seems like it was exposed for a while (search reddit “Apparently ChatGPT can describe pictures if you give it a link to it”), so guess it’s kind of available, just disabled?

gpt-4 with multi-modal computer vision is available within Bing AI Chat:

Putting $10 billion into OpenAI likely gives Microsoft a slight advantage in getting features first.

From what I’ve heard, Be My Eyes relates to Microsoft, so that must be connected.

The thing is that we developing a new visual approach to interact with LLM and we are targeting at OpenAI as a primary citizen, so any solution in that are would be great.