Help with making a GPT that can make a e-commerce category structure

Hi :slight_smile:

I hope you guys can help me with a problem I have with my GPT.

I’m working on a project aimed at optimizing a product category structure for an e-commerce website, using a dataset that contains search keywords related to the products. The dataset includes columns for the keyword (Keyword), monthly search volume (Volume), and up to five hierarchical levels of categorization (Level 1 to Level 5).

My goal
My goal is to get the GPT to categorize these keywords in a structured manner that reflects how the products should be organised on the website. To do this I would like the GPT to fill out the different categories name from level 1 to 5 for a specific keyword.

Structure of spreadsheet

Keyword Volume Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
nintendo switch 45000 Gaming Konsoller Nintento Nintendo Switch
playstation 5 42000 Gaming Konsoller Playstation Playstation 5
spil 32000 Gaming Spil
xbox 14000 Gaming Konsoller Xbox
playstation 13000 Gaming Konsoller Playstation
playstation 4 12000 Gaming Konsoller Playstation Playstation 4
xbox series x 9200 Gaming Konsoller Xbox Xbox Series X
nintendo switch spil 8400 Gaming Spil Nintendo Nintendo Switch spil
ps4 controller 8400 Gaming Spiltilbehør Controllere Playstation 4 controllere
nintendo 8200 Gaming Konsoller Nintendo
gaming pc 7100 Gaming Gaming PC
vr briller 5400 Gaming VR VR briller
vr 5000 Gaming VR
gamerstol 4700 Gaming
gamer stol 4700 Gaming
gamer pc 4300 Gaming Gaming PC
vr headset 3800 Gaming VR
xbox controller 3700 Gaming Spiltilbehør Controllere Xbox controller

The problem
The GPT can fill out like 10-20 keywords and its placement really good and then it gets “lazy” or not “very smart”, or just don’t want to fill out more keywords.

I tried a lot of things like trying to say that it should take some part at the same time and then go to the next. But somehow it always seems to become more less clever the more it needs to fill out… (its not that it doesn’t do a good job when it’s clever :)).

I also tried to use the API with the builder where I can use GPT 4 turbo (not the by code), but that couldn’t help me either it still stops filling out the blanks.

Do you guys know a way make the GPT more consistence or maybe fill out some of the fields and then fill out the rest later when it has taking its break to become smart again :)?

If you have a whole other approach to solving the problem I would love to hear!

Hope you can help :slight_smile: