Help with error arising from Integration!

Hello everyone, I’m completely new to GTP3 and don’t have much technical knowledge. So I truly apologies for my ignorance in advance.

Recently, I started developing a tool that gives me a feed of news articles and summarizes them for my personal reading.

I have managed to get the davinci completion API up and working on the site (GTP-3’s prompt is the article’s text followed by a tl;dr).

However, most articles return the following error message.

Screenshot 2022-01-08 124935

I was just wondering where I went wrong, and what the message means.

Once again, I apologise for my ignorance in advance

Hi, do you have access to request body? can you share it?

Hey thanks so much for the quick reply!

Screenshot 2022-01-08 210550

Here’s what the request body looks like! The “extract - extract’s text” is dynamic data resulting from an API that returns body text from an URL.

I want GTP-3 to help summarise this text!

I think the issue is we don’t know what is the value of “extract - extract’s text”. You can see in the error message that was complaining about a character in line 2. You may want to encode your value before using it in JSON.

for an example if your “extract - extract’s text” value is:
=> some value " some " value
quotes will break your json.

Note: If you can share the raw request and response (please paste it as text not as an image :sweat_smile: ) I can debug it for you.


Isnt easier to just deploy using FLASK and graphql?

Hi ! You should apply a “find and replace” rule in order to delete special characters that doesn’t fit with the Json format. You can find some not allowed special characters here: JSON.simple - Escaping Special Characters

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