Help me to use API in the PHP code

@dewolfe001 hi Shawn, definitely worth a chat over the subject. I’m working in a similar direction and we might help each other. PM me to schedule something.

BTW just finished the PHP-based client that can use parallel requests to openAI with a backoff strategy (I know guzzle does it, but this one was done on purpose like that). You can also check some of my wp code here: sergeliatko (Serge Liatko) · GitHub and here TechSpokes, Inc. · GitHub and in the wild.

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I was just reading through this thread and laughing to myself. How could you all not see how powerful this connection between OpenAI and a WP website could be? I only discovered openAI and prompting in Jan and within a week I knew that anyone who could create a plugin to leverage the power of GPT3 to automate a WP site against all the worlds knowledge and skillset would make a killing, but yet it seems that most people in here thought it could maybe be a good idea?

Right now I’ve got people throwing money at me to turn their website into an AI-powered website to automate their own personal site data.

From what I can see there are only 2 plugins right now that allow me to setup a ChatGPT bot on my site that knows my site’s data and allows people to question it to get answers to the sites data or the immediate page’s post data. The same plugin automates fine-tuning without any code input from me.

A second plugin connects with openAI and Pinecone to facilitate embeddings and QA against those embeddings, I can even embed the whole website to Pinecone through the plugin and it will add any new page automatically using a cron job. These are free plugins but I would have happily paid around $50 each for them. One of them is $39 for the pro version for 5 sites licenses for me to connect it to a form to get the web visitor’s data and use that to formulate a prompt and bring back a result for the visitor.

People are paying me to implement this into their website ASAP!!

If I had known about openAI and GPT3 and prompting back in Nov, my life would be very different now, I would have paid a dev to write me these plugins and would have dominated the market by now, and I still might.

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Hi Sim2K,

Still looking for a team? Let me know

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Can you share the name of the plugins? I completely agree with you re building an OpenAI plugin for wordpress. It’s a massive market. Different plugins could do different things since there are so many use cases. The biggest I think would be enabling embeddings plus site search plus question answering. And also, allowing the user to upload documents (in bulk) for search and question answering. Josef is doing this for documents but I think the user has to upload them one at a time, the formats are limited, and I am not sure if the question answering can span multiple documents at once. On this forum I’ve lobbied for a wp plugin but I don’t think it’s been done yet -but it looks like your knowledge is more up to date than mine.

I’ll join the team on the subject matter side :grinning: since my site has implemented this already in a custom manner which could help plugin development. All wp posts of certain post types have been embedded, so the user can input a question on the front end and get an answer plus the most relevant posts. I just got access to the GPT-4 API so I need to change my code from “promt-completion” style to “system-user” style.

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