Help integrating the assistant api into a discord bot

here is what my python script looks like

here is the error in command prompt that is stumping me
“error”: {
“message”: “Invalid URL (POST /v1/assistants/asst_B4hduZfYuP0GwLwb1T6mhfcp/messages)”,
“type”: “invalid_request_error”,
“param”: null,
“code”: null
im not the most knowledgeable with coding things in general and i had lots of help from chatgpt to get to this point so bare with me if i do any nooby things or dont understand something.

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You can’t post message in the assistant, message are created within a thread that runs using an assistant. I suggest you use the Python SDK instead, it’s easier.

Let me know if that helps,
Mart :slight_smile:

from openai import OpenAI
client = OpenAI()

thread_message = client.beta.threads.messages.create(
  content="How does AI work? Explain it in simple terms.",
curl \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer $OPENAI_API_KEY" \
  -H "OpenAI-Beta: assistants=v1" \
  -d '{
      "role": "user",
      "content": "How does AI work? Explain it in simple terms."
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