Help creating prompt that translates HTTP requests into other languages

Hi all,

We need someone to help create a prompt that can translate HTTP requests made in cURL into Dart, Ruby, JavaScript, and other languages.

The prompt must support any type of HTTP request: some may involve basic authentication or bearer authentication, for instance, or may require POSTing body data as form-data instead of www-url-form-encoded, or might only use the query string to transmit data.

If interested, please see here to apply: Hotpot Design


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Thanks for the reply.

Swagger Codegen, Postman, and others do this already with HTTP API requests. Perhaps “any request” is too broad, as you’re right that specs may change in the future.

This is meant to be a more pragmatic feature so rare edge cases can be excluded.

This is for a new feature that accompanies our API. (People found Swagger and Postman too complex, and we need something to help on board API users.)

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Yes, we made the API extremely simple by design, but many users still struggle for some reason. Hence, the need to develop something to make API code easier to test and produce.

If you want some free credits, please email me.

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