Have you managed to generate revenue from project based on OpenAI API?

Per title, I know a lot of projects that have been built using OpenAI but I’m curious to know if there is any project that have successfully generate revenue?. Also, because of OpenAI, the barrier of entry is so low that you have multiple project of the same nature popping up at the same time so it does seems to make it harder to generate revenue.

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I’ve added the project tag for you, so that you can keep us updated on your progress in this single thread.

Can you tell us more about your app and how it uses the OpenAI API?



Ops sorry. I wasn’t really trying to showcase my app but I just want to see what other people are working on. Edited.

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Yes, see one of examples here AI Comment Moderator | WordPress Plugin

Plus some in-house tools to save time/money and 30k raised for LAWXER.ai (legal doc analysis tool) still in development

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For 2 years, I struggled with my team due to a lack of features. I always thought about creating my own platform, but I never found the time. I started working on it a year ago, then stopped. However, in the last 3 months, I’ve returned to finally finish GPTTeams.ai

I’ve encountered tough competition, as you mentioned, with hundreds of websites popping up. But I believe that’s not a problem, as there’s always room for improvement.

You can make money using projects built upon OpenAI technology. I now have over 80 users, but the most important thing is to start working on your SEO early to grow faster.

I started 30 days ago, and here are the current results so far:

Yesterday, I saw this project (Thanks to @PaulBellow for sharing with me) and I was amazed by @darcschnider creativity. It reminded me how we can make things simple and effective.

One more thing: I own another product that helps to ditch repetitive typing using canned responses. It earned me $20k in just 2 months.

It has over 1280 users, so I am thinking of implementing OpenAI AI models. I believe this will help generate more revenue and provide higher value to customers.

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bump. also interested, lack of responses is interesting in itself…


Hey Ali, nice chatting yesterday. I liked a lot your website. Definitely will catch up next week to discuss.

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