Has anyone noticed a difference in gpt-3.5-turbo-0301 (and regular turbo) behavior in the past 24 hours?

Some prompts I’ve been working on were consistently returning the same, good results up until earlier today. Nothing about the prompts have changed. The only thing that changed is I went from the free-trial to the paid version of the API use.

Has anyone else noticed a change over the past 24 hours or a change when they went from free to paid?

Also fyi, the website still returns good results. So, my issue is really about the api only.

what do you mean when you say I switched from a free trial to a paid version? is it because your $18 consumption right has run out?

My $18 had not run out yet but I entered CC info and ended the free trial anyway because I thought maybe it would help with response times.

Can you detail what kind of problems you have experienced after this transition?