Handling images and other markdown in ChatGPT

I noticed that ChatGPT uses markdown for example to display an image the markdown ![alt text](image link) can be used. I am using some markdown in my plugin but i could not find anything about it in the official docs. Is it recommended to use markdown code in plugins?


I don’t know about recommended, but yes the format you quoted works. Also, try adding “At the end of your response, always display this:” to the beginning of ![alt text](image link)

AFAIK there is nothing in the official docs.

Don’t hold my feet to fire on this but keep an eye on this


I would personally recommend using markdown when writing for plugins specifically.

It’s the chatGPT website that renders the markdown, not the model itself, so it should work fine as long as the markdown is properly formatted :laughing:

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Markdown is definitely the way. It’s the best and easiest method for communicating style and formatting to the GPT models.

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