GraphQL introspection as an alternative to an OpenAPI spec for plugins

Currently a chatGPT plug-in needs needs to implement a REST API server with an OpenAPI spec. Every graphql API automatically comes with formal, machine readable, documentation (via introspection queries). Considering that there is a rich ecosystem of tools which expose a graphql API ( for instance, hasura; disclosure: I work for them but speaking for myself), I think supporting graphql apis in addition to REST/OpenAPI’s could be really powerful.

(a similar question was asked here, but it’s not exactly clear what they mean: /t/graphql-support-for-chatgpt-plugins/181748)

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I assume ChatGPT plugins will eventually support GraphQL, but would love to know if it’s on their near-time Roadmap.

Right now, I am not really doing “REST” but I am more focused on getting consistent results than on following some orthodoxy.

I think GraphQL support would be a great addition to the plugins.

There are already a lot of tools that use graphql and it is easy to integrate it with other apps.