Grammar and spelling errors in API results

Hi there,

I am using the ‘text-davinci-003’ model for my api requests but get strange results in german.
I enter my prompts in my application and it generates texts with grammar and spelling errors.

Do you know how to fix this? I tried using 'gpt-3.5-turbo’ as well but that didn’t help either.

Hoping for your help.

Thanks in Advance!

Please check if this thread could be of any help:
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I face a similar, weird issue. Asking in German, produces a complete new language with invented words, that are sometimes like a mixture of Netherlands and German, especially on Topics like “cycling”. Asking the same questions on the official ChatGPT page, everything is fine. It affects only the API, while the official chatGPT page seems to use either a different API or a different model.

Some examples. I am a German, I confirm that most of the words in this sentence don’t even exist:

“Solche Aufenziceindge werden eure Familie und Gildern bellorn werden. Ich hoffe, diese Emplyü’nchen heoss Enenenutusert es oryhlen finden!” (correct is only: “werden eure Familie und Gildern” and “Ich hoffe, diesel”. Everything else don’t exist)

“Palais Garnier Der prachtvolle Klassikbau des biseltreingsweis hat seine Främunt Gelaogel an läior Martin. Aminiickes Dache frauenüber haben grausbalt Einnahmeallurgie de Nourbikanes, filmreisoite Information der Koreashowe antige Teilen von Gros Hertenmann. Ein eventedes Patronaget dieser Ardekitechkunst .” → only “Der prachtvolle Klassikbau” is a german phrase., and “haben” and “dieser” is german as well. Everything else → don’t know what this shall be.

“Die Aussgaben-Delacreme Wal, Hotel in Paris und rund Tours entdeckurbieren eine von diese gewigen maßigenorte und DienItgaloejt pass suchen Ausgangellenarbeitettenübersthelevogele und schuchenAbenteuste-madu und Fritte-Seellendi Handbu finden Ist…” <— absolutely no german. We laughed about the (not existing) word “entdeckurbieren” .

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Exactly! This is the same strange behaviour that we saw while using the API. Can anyone help us???