GPTs don‘t use local plugin, i have a question?

Does the server api have to be a public domain name?

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A https website cannot access a http website.
You can use a tunnel service, like cloudflare tunnel.

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But I tried to change the local service to https protocol, and the same error was reported.
How did you solve it then?

You cannot get an SSL certificate for localhost (at least not one that any service will accept as legit) so you either need a domain you can point at your local machine or to figure out another means such as the CloudFlare Tunnel as mentioned by @AI.LS above.

I’m not personally familiar with the CloudFlare Tunnel service, but perhaps @AI.LS will be so kind as to give some information about how to accomplish the tunneling and you’ll be able to mark this as solved.

Alternately, if you can figure it out on your own, please come back and post the steps here as I believe many future developers would appreciate the information.

In other words, I still need a service to turn local services into public network services?

In other words, I still need a service to turn local services into public network services?


Because the connection needs to be via HTTPS, I’m not aware of any means of working around this.

Yes, besides cf tunnel, there are also other solutions like ngrok.

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If you have the time and inclination, I would invite you to do a small write-up for the community describing the steps necessary to get a local plugin endpoint working for a custom GPT.

I just took the lazy way myself and pointed a spare domain at my home machine.

I think there’s probably a good number of plugin developers who would be interested in that, but lack the experience to quickly spin it up.

If you choose to do so, do it as a new topic in the GPT builders category and I’ll pin it for a while to help others see it.


I have found a way to export local API to public domain without installing any other services.
I will write a post about it.

I tried using this solution and it was successfully called, thanks

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Okay, after I successfully call it locally, I can try to write it. Thank you for your answer.