GPTs discussion - Can you really make money?

Chief Scientist is definitely more concerned with LLM itself and doesn’t want to commercialize it / GPTs (which in itself is a waste of arithmetic).

conflict with SAM, so SAM doesn’t know where their chief scientist is right now:)

Yes, that’s ture:)
We’re waiting for Openai’s promise
Poe offer $50 for referral now

It is just a promise, there is no document that validates his word, in other words we will be recruited as pirates in the Pacific Ocean and the captain (Open AI) if he wishes he can share with us the booty he has stored on a hidden island, this ultimately depends a lot on the competition, where the enemy corsairs can make the difference, so we pay a subscription to have a place in the team of people who row hard.


Yes, that’s a perfect analogy and tell the truth

agreed. I still love OpenAI’s work :slight_smile:
The “captain” is very charming and charismatic and so far is ruling the seas.

This question reminds me of one I hear frequently from Gen-Y:

“How much can you earn as a Youtube influencer”

The answer as to whether you can earn money as an influencer is quite simple:

In theory, yes.

In practice, no.

It’s the vast exception to the rule and if you’re not the benefactor to some massive viral marketing opportunity (eg - friend of a major celebrity, etc) – then you’ll ultimately earn far more at a minimum-wage job.

The allure of the outlier if a foolish effort that has destroyed lives.

If anyone is interested in Assistants/GPT’s for sake of earning revenue, it’s a good sign you’d be better spending yout time elsewhere. However, if you’re interested because you foresee being able to help people or do something profound – in that event you’re probably right where you should be :wink:


In this first phase, our job is to pay for access to a technology that we have fun with and are passionate about, I think a youtuber talking about AI has a better chance than us to make money.

Now, in statistics four million gpts, with the promise that this is profitable, in my analogy is the promise of earning something for which we pay with that expectation, we all play here, and the only one who earns real money is OpenAI, we are children playing with this.

Now, when you work directly with the Api, the idea is very different, you pay for tokens that you can offer to the user, at this point the ethics that only applies to the gpt of the store are no longer valid and you can create chat bots with explicit sexual content for example, and that is the business model of many developers who deal directly with the API.

The net business is to buy tokens and offer them at a higher price.


That won’t really work with OAI models

This really sums it up!

Create more value per token = money.

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It’s funny, the niche of sexual content backed by technology is already generating money, for example use chat bots created powered by OpenAI, but as it is being paid for tokens and the bot is created from scratch, the standard of ethics is already set by the developer.

Now, many of us here are excited because we do not know how to program and it is very funny to tell gpt in natural language, I want you to do this or that, but if we really want to give certain features, we will have to tend to what is an API, create it on a server, make calls via json or yaml using get, post, put etc. methods.

In this crazy gpt marathon of four million and rising, we are seeing how somehow the AI continues to improve, I thought it has to do with specialization, when you create a specialized gpt not all the expert modules are activated, this makes the gpts much more efficient in terms of resource and energy consumption. So let’s not worry, we are lab mice.


The net business is to buy tokens and offer them at a higher price.

wow…Yes, your understanding has opened my eyes.

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It is that I perceive that the creation of custom gpts for the store, it is only a tuning training system, you can create as many as you want and the only beneficiary at this point is OpenAI and the MOE architecture, at this point the competition is advancing by leaps and bounds and this is good because OpenAI is not going to be left behind.

If this is true, anyone know the attributes most likely to get a GPT listed? Or, who to talk to?

Earning money with GPTs can be challenging, especially given the vast number of GBTs and the competition.