GPT's action- the 'debug Response received' that i get include HTML, instead Json

Need your help,
I am trying to build GPT’s, that sends data to my API via an action as a post request.
When I try to send a request to the GPT that I built, I receive an issue problem:
The category “response_data” within: “[debug] Response received”
return : “<meta…”
I don’t understand why the response include HTML response although I set the response on Json format.

The problem within the GPT’s on the ChatGPT platform

Could it be an error of your API response type?
Perhaps some missing headers in the request?

More context would be helpful

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I send a request directly to my API with Postman and it works.
Also I set the response Content-Type to application/Json, and I don’t send header in the request- the GPTs should set the headers in the request…