GPT4o (Paid) has become insanely slow and dumb

Starting yesterday GPT4o has become almost unusable for me. It crashes very often and when it doesn’t the response takes forever. It has also become very dumb. It does not remember what I have told it previously, gives very broad answers to specific questions, and even started giving me code after my prompt literally said “Answer … Do not give me code”. I have tried browser and Mac app, both are the same. Just two days ago I was doing work and it was working perfectly. Does anyone have any idea as to why this is or possible fixes. I have seen people talk about deleting chats. I have 100s of chats and would love to hit delete all but I do not want to lose the chat that I have been using for my work project for the last 5 days.

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Very relatable. It has been extremely dumb lately. I feel like its performance depends on the server workload since it works much better in the mornings by the BST time.

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Yes same issue, very frustrated due to this kind of issue even though we are paying for the service

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Literally unusably slow… they clearly changed something. It’s never been like this before

And 2 weeks ago when it came out it was blazing fast.

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I haven’t found that it’s being that slow, but sometimes it just crashes… sometimes even crashing the browser session itself (raised a bug report for this just now).

However, it’s frustratingly “dumb”. I’ll ask it to change one small line of code, or ask it a question about the code… and it’s just go on a tangent and ramble on and on, often repeating already-provided responses in full… despite my question being very specific.

One example, is when I said something like “is this code missing the template?”… and it will say something like… “Let’s include the code to include the required templates” and then rewrite the entire code… when all I asked it was “is it missing the template?”.

Another REALLY frustrating issue, is I feed it a document that I wrote, where I know for a fact that a phrase / line of code etc… doesn’t exist, and it will claim over and over again, that it got this information from the documentation I provided.

When I say “read the documentation again”… it just makes up something totally different and goes around in circles… VERY frustrating. Big step backwards… VERY big.