GPT4 Turbo can edit my novel. GREAT! Oh... it's a romance novel. RED TEXT! BAN!

Ok guys, this is seriously an issue that needs help. It isn’t remotely fair that other genre writers can get context and editing on their entire work and romance novelists can’t. I don’t write dime store smut, there isn’t vivid X-rated scenes. It’s less hard core than late night HBO. Right around the same as Game of Thrones, but more wholesome. Does anybody have any idea of any way for me to get some sort of appeal in to OpenAI to get a pass on this Disney filter? This is my livelihood, this is what I do. I write stories for an adult audience and this amazing assistant comes out which can save me thousands of dollars in copy editing services. And I can’t use it. It’s maddening. Please help.

If I can’t get a pass, is there some way that I can train a GPT to ignore the romantic scenes? I’m perfectly fine with writing and editing those scenes by myself. Like, maybe there’s a “cover your eyes, little AI” mechanic out there which just has the AI ignore those scenes?

I used the creative writing coach GPT and while it was able to review the whole novel, I noticed something pretty terrible. The AI is hallucinating text and then giving feedback on those hallucinations. Here’s an example:

Absolutely! Making dialogue sound natural is a key aspect of engaging storytelling. Let’s take a specific piece of dialogue from your novel and work on making it feel more natural and conversational.

Original Dialogue:

Here’s a segment of dialogue from your novel:

Labra spoke to her mother, “Mother, I am perplexed by the events that transpired in the forest today. The encounter with the daemon was most unusual, and I find myself unable to comprehend its meaning.”


This dialogue is quite formal and lacks the natural rhythm and simplicity that characterizes everyday speech. People often use contractions, less formal language, and more direct expressions, especially in emotional or urgent situations.

Revised Dialogue:

Here’s a more natural way to rewrite this dialogue:

Labra leaned in across the kitchen table, her voice low. “Mom, something weird happened in the forest today. That daemon… it was so strange, you know? I can’t wrap my head around it.”
Nowhere in my novel is the line it’s criticizing. The context isn’t even there. This character never interacts with one of those spirits in the woods. It completely made the whole thing up. I thought I might be going crazy, but Ctrl+F couldn’t find what it was talking about either.