GPT4 is worse than GPT3?, also where are these features

Seems to be struggling to do basic things that GPT3.5 was able to do no worries…
Also, Where’s the uploading images for it to look at? Why is it so slow? Also it still has the character limit, yet in the video they said it can produce up to 15,000 characters???

There are no image capabilities yet available to the public.

I appreciate the response, in regards to the character limit, is this just a bug or whats going on?

Read about the models capabilities here: OpenAI API

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Honestly have no idea how to use the API, I tried using it in curl, got SSL errors, I really only want to use it in chat.openai, so is the character limit going to remain there? its really the only thing that truly bothers me

See the model page, there are two GPT-4 models, the one in ChatGPT is the 8k model.


The easiest way for you to use GPT-4 is to use Bing’s app for it. You’ll need to sign in using a free microsoft client account. And I had to wait a 2-3 days on the waiting list before I was given access.

To my knowledge (after watching videos on youtube about it, which i highly recommend so you know how the rollout is working and what’s available) is that on the OpenAI platform GPT-4 is currently only available on the paid tier, which makes sense as they’d probably prefer you to use up Bing’s bandwidth instead for the time being.

My experience with Bing AI was completely different. I could not get it to create a code for me, for example.

How long ago did you try to do that?
GPT-4 was only recently added.
There’s also 3 settings to choose from creative, balanced, and precision.

Edit: though you raise an interesting point, i wonder if you can ask bing AI to do things like coding, where you might need to input a lot of data first and receive a lot of data afterwards?